Attention Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Copywriters and anyone who wants to get more clients and sell more products online:

If Just 1 Sales Letter Stands Between You and Your Next $50,000 ... Read On. You'll Learn the Insider Secrets of Successful Copywriters and Get It Done Faster with Less Effort and Resistance.

How many times does a business owner face this challenge:

You've got a window of opportunity to sell a product - and the market is SO hungry you know you will earn $5,000 $50,000 or even more.. All you need is a sales letter... just 1 page of copy.

There's just one problem.

You've got a business to run. Clients are waiting. You can't find a copywriter who will turn this around fast enough (and maybe you are a do-it-yourselfer anyway).

Your schedule just went from tight to impossible. Besides, your stressed-out brain feels so fuzzy you know you'll be staring at a blank page for hours and hours.

Total meltdown.

What, you ask, do the copywriting pros do when this happens? Do they have a magic formula?

Actually, professional copywriters do have a system... one that's so easy it almost seems like magical. You probably got the first part when you studied copywriting (or even picked up a cheap paperback "Copywriting Is Us").

So you need to use swipe files like the pros!

When you studied copywriting, you learned what swipe files are. They're models you can use but not plagiarize.

You were told, "Keep an eye out for copy you like. Start a file. You may even be lucky enough to have gotten some awesome examples of swipe files."

That's like getting the keys to a sports car when nobody's told you how to shift the gears. You'll never get out of the parking lot.

So you've got a drawerful of beautiful swipes and they're about as useful as last week's newspaper.

When you crack the copywriting swipe file code, you ...

... stop writers block before it starts (so you never waste hours staring at a blank screen)

... push your copy to a higher level (so you no longer tolerate the same boring cookie cutter stuff that passes for copy on a lot of websites)

...get your copy written faster with less stress (because your brain goes into gear as soon as you start working with your swipe file)

... tap your intuition for ideas you didn't know you had (so you get fresh ideas that grab your audience's attention, even in a crowded marketplace)

... see more results with a LOT less effort.

"Okay, Lorrie and Cathy, I learned about swipe files. I've even tried to use a few. But I'm not getting results like these."

Most writers don't.

You have to understand exactly how to use swipe files. When you just, well, swipe, you might as well ask your teenager to write your sales letter after a hard night on the party circuit.

But when you use a few easy techniques, you will be amazed at the difference in your workload and your results. You will hate yourself for not doing this before (and you will vow never to write another sales letter without a good swipe file).

Introducing the SWIPE FILE SECRETS Home Study course.

a breakthrough Home Study Program presented by Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero and Cathy Goodwin, 2 professional copywriters who use swipe files every day.

In just 2 virtual sessions, you will transform the way you write copy and begin to see results immediately. (Of course your actual results will depend on coming to the calls, completing assignments and matching your product to your audience effectively.)

This workshop is different because ...

Many courses promise teach you to use swipe files that famous copywriters wrote a long time ago. You may even get a directory of classic swipes.

We're going to walk you through TWO highly successful sales letters written by Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, internationally known copywriter extraordinaire -- state-of-the-art contemporary examples.

You will get a rare opportunity to learn directly from Lorrie. She rarely makes appearances at workshops these days, but Cathy - who was mentored by Lorrie - pulled out all the stops on this one. Cathy regularly "swipes" Lorrie's sales letters and she realized they're a gold mine.

Other programs force you to guess what makes your swipe files successful. The writers are not available (and some aren't even working - or even alive - anymore). You can't get into the copywriter's brain to understand how the letter was planned.

We're going to ask Lorrie to share exactly how she created those letters. She'll point out the hidden keys to success that most people won't even notice. She'll show you how to read a sales letter the way she does - as a world-class copywriter.

She'll even share some of her own secret copywriting rituals (yes - most of the pros have them - and don't laugh: they work).

And of course you get Lorrie's 2 knock-your-socks-off successful sales letters for your own swipe file. Currently they're just not available anywhere else so you'll be working with a swipe file that others can only dream about.


"The course was great and it got me so jazzed!"

As a ghostwriter, I need to create copy for book jackets and websites. I took this course to get tips on creating a bond with potential book buyers. Using tools from this course, I finished jacket copy for a book I ghostwrote and the client loved it!

It's important for me to learn in a fun way and I got so excited listening to your lessons. I'd highly recommend your courses to anyone who needs stronger marketing content.


Rosemary Sneeringer
Ghostwriter, Copywriter & Book Advisor



"Learn to get it right the first time!"

I wanted to learn what the heck 'Swipe Files' were, and how to reuse successful copy to save time and gain immediate success.

This course gave me an excellent and convenient method to find the most appropriate words for each target audience and the secret to repurposing successful copy. I am confident that I will save time and achieve successful promotions for my clients and me by using the Swipe Files secrets.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs to create successful promotional content and get it right the first time.

Kathryn Smith
K.A.S. Marketing


"Got tips from one of the best in the business!"

As a copywriter who does work not only for my clients but now for my own e-commerce site, I'm always looking for shortcuts and ways to improve my copywriting skills. I wanted to get tips from one of the best in the business on how to use them effectively. Whether it's reinforcing skills I already know or giving me some new ideas to try, I know that Lorrie always delivers!

I would recommend this program to any copywriter who needs to work quickly to satisfy demanding clients who always seem to want more for less money!

Lynn Maria Thompson
Thompson Writing & Editing, Inc.

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When you sign up for SWIPE FILE SECRETS you will discover ...

How to find the best copy to swipe

Why you can't just swipe from a famous guru and expect to make millions like he did

What you MUST ignore when you use a swipe file

Where to find sales secrets in a sales letter

Exercises you can use immediately to take your copywriting skills to a new level

Here's what you get:

Recordings of 2 calls - 60-90 minutes of action-packed information. 

Assignments between Calls 1 and 2.

Q&A for each call.

2 Successful Sales Letters from Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero.

Bonus: Recording of Call where Cathy interviews Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero on secrets of being a copywriter (and Lorrie shares info she rarely reveals).


Session 1: The Copywriting Insider's Guide To Swipe Files

When to write a sales letter (and why you need one)

We walk through one of Lorrie's most high-converting sales letters to demonstrate how you can ...

transform potentially ho-hum features into mouth-watering benefits

choose specific elements of the audience's pain to create a compelling headline

get inside the emotions, feelings and even body of the target audience

transform straightforward "heard it all before" features and benefits into juicy bullets

develop levels of benefits to pack an extra punch (most copywriters don't do this - and it works)

use "just the facts, ma'am" to generate a compelling close

use little-known story-telling techniques to create momentum and a sense of urgency

write organically while following a proven structure ("Did Lorrie break the rules ... and if so, how did she get away with it?")

the REAL secret of great copywriting (once you notice this, you'll never read another sales letter the same way)

Session 2: "Take this letter and SWIPE it!"

We move to another sales letter on a TOTALLY different topic to illustrate how you can ...

Save hours of agony by following a few "must-do" steps BEFORE you start writing

Add hot buttons and hypnotic effects to your copy (we bet you won't notice them till Lorrie points them out)

How to stand out from the pack in an overwhelmingly crowded niche (this letter won against some famous-name legendary competitors)

How to introduce a "new to the world" program or product (and convince readers they need it, even if they never knew it existed)

Sneaky ways to reach your audience's emotions even when you're presenting a business program geared to the dollars-and-sense left-brained logic

And ...

Why even TOP copywriters use swipe files (no need to be embarrassed)

2 places to find swipe files (probably not from your favorite Big Name Guru)

3 biggest mistakes new copywriters and business owners make when using swipe files (so you won't turn away prospects or get embarrassing questions about what you did

Step by step to swiping: how each of us would take this letter and use it for our own programs and products

And a few special secrets ...

What to tell your webmaster when you want to swipe a layout (legally) (and Cathy reveals a few secret sources to get this done on a micro-budget)

How to get into the copywriting mood (okay ... how we do it and what we've been told by other copywriters) (or ... what copywriters do behind closed doors)

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"OK, Lorrie and Cathy, I'm in! What's my investment?"

A copywriting course can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars ... and that's the ONLY place you will learn about swipe files. Even the top courses spend an hour (usually more like 15 minutes) teaching you how to use swipe files. Hiring a professional copywriter for ONE sales letter starts at $1500 and goes up to $10,000 or even more.

We want this workshop to be accessible by many business owners. Therefore we priced it at a very affordable $97. If you save even one hour of copywriting, you'll more than earn back your investment. And if you're motivated to set up even one additional info product, you'll get a very generous and substantial ROI.

What's the cost of not buying this program?

You figure it out.

If you continue to struggle through your copywriting ...spending hours at your computer ...getting frustrated ... what's it worth? Professional copywriters use swipe files to save many hours. Think how much more you will save.

All the risk is on us ...

We are supremely confident this mini-workshop will instantly arm you with tools you can systematically use to massively improve the conversions of your sales copy. If within 24 hours of the first class you feel you got no value from the material, simply contact us within 24 hours and we'll give you a full refund. (All we ask is that we can trust your integrity to kindly destroy the educational materials.)

So this offer is better than RISK FREE. All the risk is on us to provide you with exceptional training. You simply have to show up and take it in.


P.S. We don't know anyone else who is offering this training anywhere on the Internet. This workshop puts you ahead of the curve.

P.P.S. Why wait? Register now and discover how to create copy fast, the way real copywriters do.

The Fine Print: Many of our clients and class participants have gotten satisfying results from our writing and teaching. Those who attended and did not follow through with implementation did not see results. Of course we can't promise that you will achieve any particular increase in sales or any specific results. Your own success will depend on many factors, including your talents, skills, market, environment and application of what you learn here.

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